Change the way you think about building design and construction

BranchClad Stucco

BranchClad™ Stucco

BranchClad Stucco is a mass-customized, ventilated rainscreen system where each panel may have unique design features to create an articulated façade that can ripple, wave, undulate, or facet, enabling a bespoke building. Experience the freedom from the rectilinear constraints of typical building materials and see how you can Build Like Nature.


BranchClad Interiors

Bring an interior space to life in a whole new way with BranchClad Stucco.  These lightweight 3D panels can be used to make an impressive entrance, create an unforgettable customer showroom, or help lure reluctant remote employees back into the office with a fresh take on interior design.


StoPanel® 3DP

Sto’s systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional construction methods, including installation speed, value, and superior performance. Built using Branch’s CompositeCoreTM, StoPanel® 3DP is lightweight, energy-efficient, and durable, and comes in a wide variety of aesthetic options.



BranchMatrix is an open lattice material that can take on virtually any shape or form. Made with our unique C-Fab® process, it can be used for a variety of applications and can be painted in any color for aesthetic diversity.


Design Assist Service

Leverage the full capabilities of parametric design to Build Like Nature by working with Branch’s in-house team of design specialist.  You define the level of engagement with this highly capable group to bring out the best in your next projects design.


Product Make-Up

Design imaginatively, intelligently, and without the limitations of conventional construction materials.

The matrix is a freeform 3D printed structural latticework that employs geometric optimization principles to generate architectural components with maximum strength and minimal material use. The matrix is entirely 3D printed and is perfect for sculptural, artistic, and other architectural applications without any additional materials.

The aesthetic is reminiscent of cellular structures in living organisms and employs geometric biomimicry to achieve the product’s high strength-to-weight ratio. Materials, density, color, and embedded technology can all be customized.

The open cells of the printed matrix allow for the introduction of companion materials that, when combined, enhance the existing structural capacities and material properties. This multi-material composite product unlocks ultimate design freedom and resource efficiency while satisfying building functionality and the need for integrated architectural capabilities.

This composite system is the foundation of BranchCladTM  and StoPanel® 3DP system. Building upon the custom filled and milled matrix panel capabilities, these components will be shipped to the site finished in GFRC or synthetic stucco. It is the combination of materials, reduced project timeline, and democratization of design that makes this a game-changer for building owners and architects.

Our products’ adaptability allows for connections to industry-standard rainscreen hardware as well as to fully bespoke engineered structural attachments. Our solutions include embedded frames that span from floor to floor for the larger panels or 3D printed mounts that attach directly to standard wall systems.