oneC1TY Pavilion

VOLUME: 1000cu.ft.
DESIGNER: Branch Technology
FABRICATOR: Branch Technology
Range Projects
Site-Civil Eng.


The oneC1TY Pavilion is a permanent outdoor feature to a vibrant urban community known as oneC1TY. Nestled within a LEED neighborhood in Nashville, TN, the oneC1TY Pavilion stands at a green community lawn center.

At 21 feet tall, it is America’s tallest 3D printed structure. It is carefully embedded into lush planter beds and ascends to span as far as 40 feet — also notable as the world’s longest spanning 3D printed structure.

Early design solutions rendered the need for massive and cost-prohibitive steel frames. The design-assist and engineering team worked closely to optimize the design using sophisticated form-finding and analysis tools. The result is an elegant spatial shell free of conventional structural systems and pure in geometric strength. Where thrust and compressive forces are greatest, the material is thickened. Where uplift forces are elevated, voids are carefully carved.

The pavilion balances a confluence of engineering, manufacturing and construction. The 1000cu.ft. structure is broken down into 36 colossal sized parts. They each weigh as much as 175lbs and extend as far as 18’ in length.